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I am currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing. I don't know if this will make me a better writer. I have already written several books. Please feel free to download at no charge. I retain copyright but you may make copies and give to your friends if you wish. If you enjoy them and feel obligated then send me 5 pounds or 5 dollars or whatever to my account at paypal and/or an email with a few remarks.

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photo Download this book - Singing for Serious Beginners

I have over twenty years experience as a teacher of singing, mostly to adult beginners of ages from 16 to 70. My experience and background are rather different from most other authors of books on singing teaching in that my educational qualifications are in Economics and Computer Science as well as in Music. Prior to becoming a singing teacher I spent many years working in IT as a businessman and freelance consultant, designing and installing computer systems and doing Artificial Intelligence research on Speech Recognition. I have also been for over thirty years a performer on stage as singer and actor in more than 40 principal roles and a composer of opera and songs. I hope these varied experiences will prove advantageous to my readers.

photo Download this book - Purlins

Judy Smithers is a carefree and cheerful young secretary/receptionist at a factory in the Midlands where they make metal roof beams, known as purlins. It is some time in the 1950s. She is an orphan. Though poorly paid she has scrimped and economised (not getting her hair done) and bought a little house with a big mortgage. Suddenly there comes a threat of unemployment. The cause is the foolishness of her boyfriend, Roger Marlowe, a handsome, charming public schoolboy salesman. He has managed to annoy the firms largest customer, an older woman, Miss Sew of Truedawn, owing to his lack of empathy....

photo Download this book - The Mandarin's Dilemma

Blackmail, in the shape of a threatened dirty-radiation bomb attack, from suitcases hidden all over London, creates something of a headache for the top level Civil Servants (the Mandarins), who actually run the country, and an opportunity for ambitious and determined Assistant Principal Helena Besty. The situation becomes critical when the messianic Prime Minister, Gordon Blackead, under pressure from an imminent general election and a more than usually hysterical House of Commons, heads a secret meeting of the armed forces top brass and threatens to drop a nuclear bomb in the sea off the blackmailer's coast. 'Poof to a few sardines!' as he puts it....